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The ISR Matrix is built on 3 main agendas

Intercept the Danger
Stabilize the Situation
Resolve the Situation

Subject Control

The ISR Matrix Physical Management (PM) branch is centered in Subject Control. It is designed for licensed civilian and employed security personnel working in environments that require hands on subject control, restraint, and transportation such as executive protection, security personnel, paramedics, elderly and health care workers, hospital orderlies, and doormen but is not limited to those professions. From individual to team tactics, the system is designed to directly address the specific needs of the security guard, team, institution or business requiring the training. Each and every ISRPM seminar and course beyond the ISR Subject Control Core is designed specifically to meet the needs of our host or client.

Personal Protection & Self Defense

The ISR Matrix Physical Management (PM) also offers civilians two complete stand-alone strategic and tactical systems to offer personal protection and self-defense when verbal management of a situation has broken down and an assault is imminent. Available to everyone, these two programs are naturally extensions of our Subject Control emphasis but are by their very nature built entirely around survival and preservation when the ability to control a situation has broken down or the risk involved in attempting further control are no longer optimal or valid.

Women’s C.A.T. (Counter Assault Tactics)

 This is a woman specific personal protection and self-defense system created initially for female and smaller officers and agents working in some of the most dangerous environments in the world. With a strategic emphasis on escape and evasion and a tactical methodology on creating as much pain and damage while doing so, the C.A.T. system has been modified to suit the modern day woman seeking out to be as fit as she is safe. The complete system is designed to take a few years to master but can be trained immediately and tailored specifically to an individual’s specific needs and concerns. 

CLUTCH Fighting /QCB

This is the ISR Matrix’s fundamental program to instruct everything from hand to hand to less than lethal tools to lethal ones and back and covers the root training methods and tactics that served as the initial source for most of our special teams work with the Armed Forces and Undercover Agents working in some of the most hostile environments in the Middle East, Caribbean, Central & South America.

Designed to cover everything from personal protection to defending one’s loved ones, property and homestead, the system generally takes years to master but is available in incrementally progressive modular parts that individuals can customize to fit their needs and concerns.



ISR Matrix is the product of over 24 years of development by  Luis Gutierrez.

He has worked with soldiers, polices officers, correctional agents og citizens to analyze their workspace and construct a system to
keep them and those they work with safer

There are no secret tricks or techniques in ISR, just simplified techniques from martial arts, brazilian jiu jitsu, kicbox and judo



Thank You!

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